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At Zest IT we understand the importance of support throughout the whole design and development process - and beyond.

Since 2005 we have grown together with our customers.  We believe that successful projects are delivered by working closely in partnership with our customers and their stakeholders.  We continually adapt to the changing world of IT and always listen to our customers feedback and suggestions. This philosophy has helped us grow into an IT company with long-term customers throughout the world.

We support our customers and stakeholders on both day-to-day operational issues and long-term planning and strategic decisions. Continually developing and improving our software solutions to help our customers stay ahead of the competition.

Service Level Agreements(SLAs)

Zest also offer SLAs that align with the requirements of any business in terms of ongoing support. Designed to provide a predefined number of support hours to a customer on a monthly basis. The SLA provides a discounted rate for support in return for a committed number of hours.

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