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Unit Trust of Samoa - Unit Registry System

About this Project

The Unit Trust of Samoa (“UTOS”) goal is to provide “an investment vehicle for an ordinary Samoan out in the village, a small farmer or fisherman”.  The Trust is an opportunity for small investors to access a range of investments while at the same time spreading risk and leaving the management of their savings in the hands of experts.

UTOS needed a new registry system to replace the current spreadsheet based system.  UTOS had clear goals for the new system:

  • To redevelop the core features of the current spreadsheet system using modern web based software
  • The system needs to track all purchases of units, and to calculate the current value of holdings.  There is an audit trail tracking all data changes in the system.
  • As the system will be web based, the system can be used by any number of users within the Unit Trust Samoa, and can be used by customers and other external parties such as Samoa International Finance Authority (SIFA) and Central Bank of Samoa (CBS) using robust security.
  • The system should allow role based security, allowing authorised users to access only the portions of the system they are authorised to see.  This means that staff, managers, and administrators will be able to see portions of the system, and depending on their security role they may only be able to edit data in some portions of the system.
  • To ensure the system is supported and maintained, and that data is secure.

Zest is currently completing development of this site.  Zest has delivered a full solution, including design, development, support and maintenance and secure website hosting.

Technical Requirements

  • Microsoft C#, SQL Server
  • Microsoft Asp.Net Core/IIS Web server

Services Provided

  • Requirements Specification
  • Analysis and Design
  • Project Management
  • Development
  • Testing and Implementation
  • Hosting on secure servers
  • Support and Maintenance

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